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Along with polyester, nylon is one of the main fibres used in the carpet industry today. Nylon is considered the most versatile fibre in the industry. We offer nylon carpets made from Stainmaster’s 6.6 nylon fibre. Some of the 6.6 nylon advantages are: soil resistance, resiliency, cleanability, abrasion resistance, as well as the most flexible fibre for dyeing and styling.

Polyester has changed enormously since its inception. It is a soft, very bulky fibre which is extremely hard to dye. It has excellent colour clarity and retention. Since polyester is hard to dye, it is also hard to stain, therefore offers superior stain resistance.

Polypropylene is also known as olefin. It is considered to be the least expensive fiber of the industry. This fiber absorbs virtually no moisture and has inherent stain resistance because it is solution-dyed. Since it is so highly water-resistant, polypropylene is also made into ribbon-type yarn for use in manufacturing outdoor carpet. For use in regular type carpet, however, the one major drawback is its lack of resiliency. Until the late 1970’s, polypropylene was used primarily in inexpensive level loop indoor and outdoor carpets. Its use has grown more popular as a result of the technological advancements in styling capabilities in construction. Patterns and graphic designs never before imagined are now possible.

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Types of Carpet:

Cut pile

A cut pile, also known as a plush saxony, refers to any carpet that is made up of evenly cut fibres. Because of its uniform surface, vacuum marks and foot traffic will be visible on these carpets. For this reason, this type of carpet is best suited for formal areas of the home.

Cut pile – textured

Textured cut pile carpets are known for their casual appeal. Their twisted cut fibres diffuse light so as to mask foot and vacuum marks making this carpet construction a popular choice for family rooms and children’s bedrooms.


Frieze carpets are made up of varying lengths of highly twisted fibres. The fibres curl in random directions creating terrific texture and dimension. These carpets are virtually trackless and are suitable for most areas of the home including heavy-traffic areas such as stairs and hallways.

Loop pile

This carpet keeps the loops uncut and intact. The loops can be produced in uneven heights for texture or level for durability. Loop carpets are suitable for high-traffic areas of the home. Solid shade loops are often referred to as ‘sisals’ and loops with multi-coloured yarns or coloured flecks are referred to as berbers.

Cut and loop

These carpets offer a combination of various cut and loop fibres at differing levels resulting in a sculptured pattern with several tones of the same colour. These carpets can be stunning in both wall-to-wall and area rug configurations.


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