Universal Flooring Decor Centre Inc. – Professional Interior Remodeling in Milton

Milton was once the fastest growing city and to say it has slowed down would be an understatement. While Milton is not as large as Mississauga or Brampton, it is still has a population of over 100,000. Milton is located west of Mississauga and Toronto. Population growth in Milton has increased 4x since 2001.

Located in Mississauga, a short drive from Milton is our company Universal Flooring Decor Centre Inc. We have serviced in Milton since our inception 25 years ago. Universal Flooring Decor Centre Inc. has helped with flooring, kitchens, painting and other services in Milton for many years.

Residential and commercial remodeling can be a hard task alone, so visit our Mississauga showroom, just minutes away from Milton for some expert advice. If you need new hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, tiles, ceramics or vinyl visit our showroom to see one of the largest selections in Mississauga.

Our company delivers on what really matters, painless, quick, and professional work that will transform your home into your dream home. To get started, visit our showroom at 6991 Millcreek Dr, Unit 2. Mississauga. Or give us a call at 905-858-8667 to reach one of our professionals to get your dream project going. For any other inquires email info@ilovefloor.com for a quick and detailed response.