Hardwood – What is it?

Hardwood flooring has been a popular choice for flooring in homes due to its beautiful, natural look and its ability to stand the test of time. Premium quality comes to mind when hardwood floors is mentioned and has been a growing staple in a luxurious home.

Hardwood comes in many different sizes with different thickness and width. The higher the thickness, the more quality you get from the product with the width being personal preference. Lately, the larger width from the flooring has been in fashion, with 5” boards being standard for any hardwood home renovation. However, classical looks from 3-1/4” will always spruce up the house.

There are different grades of quality when discussing hardwood:

  • Select and Better
    • The best of the best, the colour variation in the wood is near none to give the colour a more uniform look. The knots in the natural product are non-existent
  • Select
    • More variation than select and better, some knots, but still a very good product
  • Common
    • Lots of variation, lots of knots, good for cottages or a natural look to the home.

There is also a scale rating for the hardest of hardwood, which shows its resilience to scratches or dings. Here is the chart:


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