Carpet – What is it?

Carpet is material that is either woven, knotted, or tufted to create a soft textured surface. Carpet has a backing with the material sitting on top. There are a wide variety of fibres that can go into a carpet, changing the integrity, structure and feel of the product.

Since the 21st century the most common form of carpet material is nylon. Nylon can be died and has great strength characteristics making it an easy choice. It can also be massed produced and easily woven into any style of carpet.

The carpet industry has been moving in different directions, from high pile in the 70’s to luxurious soft-pile cashmere surfaces. In any case, the need for soft carpet has not gone unnoticed. Even with the growing trend of hardwood, laminate and engineered surfaces it is safe to say that none can beat the soft and comfortable texture of carpet flooring.

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